The Testbed Server provides anyone with a non-trial Graal account and the desire to learn to script with the ability to get an RC on a server without having to pay for a private playerworld. This means that you are free to exploit the new GScript scripting language, as opposed to the old one provided by the now-aged level editor. This document aims to explain how to get started on the Testbed Server.


You will need to apply for access so that your RC can be added.

In order to use the Testbed Server, you will need to use RC, or "Remote Control". There are two flavours of this available: the external RC (available on Windows and Linux), and the in-game Scripted RC (available on Windows, Linux and Mac). This allows you to upload scripts to the NPC-Server so you can develop and test them on a real game server.

If you have Graal installed, you already have everything you need to get started using the Scripted RC. However, many players prefer the external RC because it means that you do not have to be logged into the Graal game client to get started. To download the external RC, open the Graal client and before logging into a server, click Start and then Install Packages. Select the Remote Control package that is suitable for you and install it. The RemoteControl2.exe program will go into your Graal folder. To use Scripted RC, simply log into the game server using the normal Graal client and press the F6 button.

To apply for RC access on the Testbed Server, contact Tigairius by sending an email to [email protected] or messaging Tigairius on AIM.

Getting Started

Once you've been set up on the server, you can log into RC. If you chose to use "Graphical mode" or the Scripted RC, you will see a greenish looking window with the GraalOnline logo, and various buttons surrounding it. The ones you are most likely going to be interested in are the ones at the bottom right of the panel for scripting purposes. If you chose to not use "Graphical mode", you will see a very minimalist grey window instead with menus.

Logging into the external RC will also place a small icon next to your computer's clock in the system tray. You can bring your RC window back or log out of the RC by clicking this. Note that just clicking the "X" button on the RC window does not log you out; you must log out using the tray icon.

A quick breakdown of the various features of Remote Control:


Once you have received RC you can begin editing/adding scripts to test. Click here (best viewed in HD) for information on the basics of NPC-Control. If you don't want to view the video, continue reading.

When you receive RC on the testbed server you start off with some basic rights for testing your scripts. You can create weapon NPCs that start with names: Personal/Communityname/, Public/Communityname/ or Shared/. Weapons are generally system NPCs that are attached to the player to carry out certain tasks including GUIs, commands, and other systems. They are the most important NPC for players. To create a weapon, click on the "W" weapon button next to "Connected to NPC-Control."

You will also receive a number of class rights, similar to weapon rights: personal_communityname_*, public_communityname_* and shared_*. The class button is to the right of the weapons button. It allows you to create scripts which can easily be joined to other scripts for multiple instances.

Things that start with "personal" or "Personal" are scripts that only you can edit & view (aside from directors and instructors). Public scripts are scripts which can be read by anyone but only edited by you. Shared scripts can be edited by anyone.

The last NPC right you will receive is DBNPC rights. You can create a DBNPC equivalent to your community name. For example, my DBNPC would be called 'Tig'. You can use DBNPCs to store data, control systems and other important system functions. You are also granted a right to 'shared_*' with DBNPCs. Usually only one DBNPC is necessary, so you only have rights to one private DBNPC.

For information on controlling the people who are able to use your weapon NPCs, take a look at docu/weaponoptions.txt and docu/controlling access to your content.txt on the Testbed Server RC.



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