Account Information:
Account(s) Community Name(s) Nickname(s) Subscription(s)
Graal711249 Stryke Stryke Trial
Graal734722 StrykeP2P Stryke Gold, Developer Gold

Main Account: Graal734722

Development Areas:
Mostly scripting.
However I can do GANI and GAT.

GMail: strykez3r0 at gmail(dot)com
AIM: strykez3r0

Current Playerworlds:
Noctorious: Server Administrator
Anarchy Evolved: Owner

Past Playerworlds:
Divine Darkness: NAT
Silence: Co-Manager
Dev Sensesfail: NAT
Kriegzone: Co-Manager
Wasteland: Manager
Urbia City: NAT
The Light: Co-Manager
Azure Skies: NAT
Spawn: NAT
Era: NAT
Era Dev: NAT

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