GraalScript (GScript) is Graal's programming language, to which this wiki is dedicated. It comes in two varieties: "old" GraalScript (also known as GS1), and "new" GraalScript (lovingly known as GS2), introduced with version 3 of the game. GS2 retains backwards compatibility with GS1, but the mixing of the two is frowned upon since GS1 had been deprecated , and GS2 is highly recommended. Unfortunately, GraalEditor does not support GS2, so GS1 can still be found on many servers. For the same reason, an in-game level editor is sought.


GraalScript has C-like syntax, and with the release of new GraalScript attempts to be object-oriented, but in that regard, it falls short. The new GraalScript was originally based off of TorqueScript, but has since become entirely independent. In an attempt to be portable to other interfaces, GraalScript borrows some of its syntax, scoping, and built-in functions and objects from ECMAScript, so that a script written in JavaScript (for example) could be taken from a web page and introduced to an NPC and work relatively without issue.

Writing in GraalScript

GraalScript is used in a variety of in-game environments, which include NPCs, weapons and GUI scripts, and GANIs. GraalScript has adapted into a language that is suited for game manipulation, be it a Graal3D environment or the classic 2D environment.



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