A GUI is a graphical user interface, which in general can refer to any item drawn on the screen with which a user can interact - the window or a button, for example. The term takes on a similar meaning when referring to GUIs in GraalScript. Traditionally, scripts were used to replace the functionality of the built-in features, and were referred to as GUIs (or HUDs, heads-up displays).

Built-in GUIs

However, a GUI in GraalScript now often refers to a collection of GUI control objects, each of which draw a particular GUI item - a scrollbar or checkbox, for instance. These GUI controls are often nested to show the parent-child hierarchy, although children can be added to the parent from outside of the parent definition. Support for these objects was added in version 3.

These objects keep GUI script complexity low, since movement, button effects, etc. are built in, so the images are updated internally, instead of via script timer, which was often inefficient.

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