Currently PC IDs are showing in RC in playerlist, and some commands are ignoring community names:

Server staff members should not be shown "guest" in profiles and such, instead they should be shown "pc:333333". It is too difficult for GPs to catch hackers because "guest" is too generic and can apply to multiple players.

The function findplayerbycommunityname() adds unnecessary complexity by being an alternative to findplayer(). Instead, findplayer() should also check community names if the account name is not found first.

It should not be possible for a player to pick a community name like Graal333333.

player.communityname should never return NULL. It should return:

If telling whether the community name has been selected is a problem, it could be possible to provide a flag player.communitynamechosen, which checks if the player's community name starts with "Graal" and equals the account name.

This is so that scripts never display NULL and so that guest accounts can easily be identified by GPs and such (it is difficult for GPs to find hacker players because right-clicking the player to get the profile just shows "guest"). Nicknames are often too long to display and the guild tag is irrelevant.

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