The following 31 pages belong to CategoryFunctionEvent:

onActionPlayerOnline onActionProjectile onActionProjectile2
onActionRightMouse onActionSProjectile onActionServerSide
onBodyChanges onCreated onHeadChanges
onKeyPressed onLevelFileUpdated onLogMessage
onNickChanges onPlayerChats onPlayerDies
onPlayerEnters onPlayerLanguageChanges onPlayerLeaves
onPlayerLogout onPlayerNickChanges onPlayerShoots
onPlayerTouchsMe onRemotePlayerChats onServerListerConnect
onSwitchGhostToPlayer onSwitchObserverToPlayer onSwitchPlayerToGhost
onSwitchPlayerToObserver onSwordChanges onTimeout

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What about serverside-only events like onInitalized? Should these be in the same category?
-- WhiteDragon (2009-01-13 03:34:57)
Some line indicating that the event only occurs on the serverside would do it, I think.
At least if it's easy to see.
-- ScripterAlex (2009-01-13 16:14:45)
I just added a ton of events that I found with /scripthelp. It's possible that I made some error somewhere since I didn't bother to test all of them.
-- MallardDrake (2009-05-04 23:12:34)
Well, onActionServerSide() is already here and it's serverside-only.
-- StrykeP2P (2009-05-12 02:00:53)
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